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A Better Way

to Work

Little Rock Professional Developments mission is to  restore workplace culture through strategic learning and development.


We support all sectors and all industries to prevent further employee crisis and reduce traumatization and stress for individuals, workplaces and communities.


"I appreciated the balance of personal examples and educational information - Rochelle struck just the right note!"

Participant in Mental Health and Wellness Workshop

"I truly believe that if you ask Rochelle to work with your organization, you will receive a well thought out program that is steeped in current trauma and wellness research."

Andrea Schell

Rochelle's training was life-changing in both my personal and professional life.

Workshop participant in Trauma Informed Community Building

I've had the privilege of learning from Rochelle on multiple occasions and each time walked away beyond impressed with not only the content, but also Rochelle's giftedness as a facilitator. Both online and in person, they were easily some of the most engaging and informative workshops I've attended in my career. 

Shayna Jepsen

  • You get an expert to lean on and listen curiously to what you tell us.

  • Our questions get you on the path to thinking about your business and your people in different ways.

  • Your needs are addressed with a strategic organizational development plan.

  • You receive professional development that meets those specific needs.

  • Engaging and scaffolded learning are available to your team.

  • You get ongoing evaluation of your professional development implementation.

Why Little Rock PD

Workplace Psychological Safety is about creating an environment where employees have the right skills to succeed, the right workplace to feel comfortable being their authentic selves and clear, direct and achievable strategic learning goals that support this.

What is Workplace Psychological Safety?


Successful organizations that are trauma-informed embrace belonging, connection and psychological safety. They are more likely to achieve their missions. Let us guide you on your journey, with education and expertise that improve your systems, processes and people.


A leadership program that trains leaders to implement trauma-informed practices into all systems and processes as a proactive response to supporting teachers, students, staff and parents/guardians. Become a Champion with one of our upcoming Train the Trainer Days!

Services We Provide

Little Rock Professional Development will help you RESTORE workplace culture through strategic planning, learning, and development. We work  in a PREVENTION approach to building healthy workplace culture and in RESPONSE  after workplace investigations, crisis, traumatic or stressful workplace events.  

Little Rock Professional Development follows the National Standards that specify a documented and systematic approach to developing and sustaining a psychologically healthy & safe workplace

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