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How to find ‘normal’ again after a Workplace Investigation or Workplace Crisis?


 If you're like most companies who have experienced a workplace investigation, you really hope that conflicts are resolved and things go back to normal. Sure, normal would be nice.


The truth is, workplace Investigations can feel stressful and intrusive.  Some participants hide the need for support in order to appear more cooperative to get the investigation over with. Investigations can have a lasting impact on workplace culture and the mental health of those involved.


‘Normal’ will take some support.


Often, without support, issues resurface. Employees may decide to move on for a fresh start.  Every time you have to stop workflow to investigate conflicts, you lose money. When conflicts become lawsuits, costs add up fast.


This is why it is important to support employees after an investigation is complete.  

Little Rock Professional Development will help you restore workplace culture through strategic planning, learning, and development.  Specializing in Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, Little Rock supports all sectors and industries to prevent further employee crises and reduce traumatization and stress for individuals, workplaces, and communities.

Little Rock Professional Development follows National standards that specify a documented and systematic approach to developing and sustaining a psychologically healthy & safe workplace.

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