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Welcome! My name is Rochelle, proud owner and operator of LRPD.

Trauma-Informed Approach

Trauma-informed systems and teams empowers individuals to explore a holistic framework of best practices which leads to transformational human interactions. These workshops engage participants to challenge assumptions that breed disempowerment, disinvestment, distrust and disconnection. 

Organizational Culture

A growing body of research shows us that work and people are changing. The climate of work, demands, interactions and how we do business has evolved. Organizational culture training enables workplaces to adapt, innovate and become more efficient.

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Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is the idea that employees will not be punished if they make a mistake at work, voice their opinion or authentically engage at work as themselves. It is a catalyst for engaging teams in innovation and we develop learning to supports that. 

Learning and Development

Working with your Organization's dynamic needs to implement learning at a system, process, and individual level.

There Is Something for Everyone

Didn't find what you're looking for? Let's have a conversation about the dynamic needs of your organization.

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