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Training and Consulting for Resilient Organizations

What is a Psychologically Safe Workspace?

When the request comes to ensure your workplace is Psychologically Safe:  

What will you do?

Organizations I consult with don’t think Psychological Safety at work is “nice to have”,  they know it impacts the organization's success and bottom-line.

Developing Psychological Safety at work unlocks the contributions of all talent and ensures the organization is better equipped to manage change and crisis. 

Implementing a well-structured organizational plan will ensure the sustainability of your efforts. If you like the sounds of that, you’ll love mapping the journey together. We will ensure your workplace is Psychologically Safe, Leaders are Trauma-informed and... Yes, of course we are certified with Canadian Red Cross to train your team in Psychological First Aid and adhere to the National Standards of Workplace Psychological Health & Safety Advisors. 

Tailored training programs for specific industries in alignment with the National Standards for workplace Psychological Health and Safety, as specified by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

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