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My Story

Helping businesses become better versions of themselves is my passion and professional mission! I set out several years ago to educate and inform all sectors and industries on how to create trauma-informed and psychologically safe workplaces, systems and people.

Why? In my experience working in addiction recovery, in prisons,  with adults with low literacy, with people without homes and with individuals living in poverty, I have seen that neuroscience has not caught up with the systems that we live, work and play in. Educating others on the WHY, became my passion and mission. The neuroscience of stress, trauma, leadership and change is the root of creating safe and effective change for Organizations. 


I have worked for 15 years in community service, coaching, mentoring and leadership. I have also spent a great deal of time with our most vulnerable populations. I am a Psychological First Aid Instructor through the Canadian Red Cross and have an education in Business Administration, Human Resources, and Labour Relations.

I work with public and private school divisions, community adult learning programs, colleges and universities, the private sector and community service agencies in customized professional development, learning and development and train-the-trainer course design and facilitation.

I am a motivator and an engaging communicator who will help you create your foundation for communication, innovation and improved performance and connection within individuals, teams and communities.

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