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Training and Consulting for Resilient Organizations

Meet Rochelle

My Role:

  • Support you and your workplace through challenging times and change (think restructuring, mergers, grief, layoffs office, drama).

  • Explore how mental health is impacting outcomes.

  • Provide your team with tools to ensure that "stress leave" and "filing a grievance" are not the norm.

Over Two Decades of Experience:

With more than 20 years of experience, I have been training leaders and organizations in resilience. From large government agencies, small nonprofits, privately-owned businesses, and everything in between, I help people ‘to stop dreading Monday.’  This means I bring valuable insights and strategies from various industries to your team, all aimed at establishing trauma-informed and psychologically safe workplaces. You can count on real-life examples and guidance tailored to your industry.

More Than a Consultant or Coach:

You are not getting a "consultant" or "coach" who believes a one-afternoon seminar can solve all stress-related problems. I am your strategic partner, dedicated to treating your organization as if it were my own. That means we will go from idea to implementation together.

Why Top Organizations Seek This Support Now:

In the year 2023, most workplaces have yet to implement the latest findings from the field of neuroscience regarding stress and trauma, which can significantly enhance performance. Rest assured, you don't need to become a scientist to benefit from these advances. And yes, these changes will impact your bottom line and lower turnover.

Empowering a Stress-Free Work Experience:

My philosophy is straightforward: Most individuals don't want to ‘Dread Monday’ or work in fear. They want less stress and to feel supported. Empowering each other to support mental health and fostering a psychologically safe workplace enables everyone to make meaningful contributions and find meaning in their tasks.

What about the lady?

When I'm not immersed in researching the latest information on crisis intervention and effective communication, you'll often find me at the pottery wheel or strolling along a riverbank. These moments of creativity and rest are vital to who I am and how I process this work. I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with so many progressive leaders and organizations.

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