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Become a Champion

Register for the Trauma-Informed Schools Train the Trainer (TIST) Program

Full-year program includes:

  • 5 in-person training days

  • Ongoing virtual support

  • All training materials

  • Breakfast, lunch and light snacks for in-person events

Upcoming In-Person Days

  • August 23 & 24, 2023

  • January 11 & 12, 2024

  • May 24, 2024


  • Early-Bird Pricing - Before June 21, 2023 - $2,450

  • Regular Pricing - After June 21, 2023 - $2,650

  • Deadline for registration is July 21, 2023

What is TIST?

Trauma-Informed Schools is a leadership program that trains "Champions" or leaders who believe trauma-informed systems are essential to addressing the complexities of workplaces, staff, students and the communities which we work and learn in.

Trauma-Informed Schools

Train the Trainer (TIST) Program
The TIST Program

This program was developed to address the complex environment that teachers, administration and school staff are working in. It aims to support change and trauma-informed practices for administration - at a policy level, in meetings, in the classroom, in teaching, working with parents / guardians / caregivers of students and, more broadly, in connecting with communities.

Who is a TIST Champion?

A Trauma-Informed Schools Champion is a teacher, a dean, an instructor, an administrative leader or staff member, an education consultant, an FSLW or ANYONE who would like to learn how to implement TIS at all levels.


Implementing Trauma-Informed Practices into all systems and processes is a proactive response to supporting staff, teachers, students and parents / guardians. A Trauma-Informed School (TIS) nurtures school culture, responds to all individuals engaged in the school and acknowledges that stress and trauma exist. A TIS takes measures to ensure no one person or small group of people carries the weight of the impact of stress and trauma. It promotes principles that ensure each interaction is supported through external and internal personal and protective factors.

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