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Training and Consulting for Resilient Organizations


At the helm of an organization, an Executive Director shoulders the weight of numerous responsibilities, including garnering support from the board, effectively managing staff, and leading a dedicated team of volunteers. Often, these unique leadership skills are not the focus for Executive Directors before stepping into this role. This was the case for our recent client, an Executive Director of a Human Services Board.


Our client faced a daunting challenge: collaborating with over 20 funding agencies while ensuring buy-in from the board, community, and staff. Complicating matters further, outdated procedures hindered progress, and workplace inclusivity and psychological health and safety had been neglected. 


Then it happened: A staff member filed a grievance, and the organization went into turmoil. As rumors swirled, two board members resigned, high turnover left shifts uncovered. The community suffered.  Our client, the Executive Director, considered quitting, feeling overwhelmed and unprepared for the role.


She shared, "Everyone thinks 'Executive Director' is the dream job. I just feel over my head."


Recognizing the need for external support and unbiased guidance, she went on a search for the right consultant—one with experience in board dynamics and the skills to manage complex personalities.


The Turning Point: The Journey with Rochelle.


Working 1:1, Rochelle introduced her to the concept of psychologically safe meetings and offered Trauma-Informed leadership training for key employees.  Over eight weeks of intensive 1:1 coaching, our client gained the skills required to address the ongoing grievance and to establish policies and procedures that would prevent re-traumatization.


This transformative 1:1 support model is highly effective for professionals aiming to:

  • Position themselves for career advancement: top leadership roles increasingly demand Trauma-Informed expertise.

  • Overcome leadership fatigue and cynicism.

  • Gain confidence in providing support to their teams during times of crisis.

  • Receive professional guidance within a judgment-free and supportive environment.

  • Understand the prevalence of trauma in society and its impact on productivity and well-being.

  • Implement practices that foster psychologically safe interactions within teams.


Don't let uncertainty hold you back. Reach out to us today, and let's make 2024 your year of resilience and growth. Empower yourself with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in your leadership role.


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