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Training and Consulting for Resilient Organizations

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Change Management for Organizational Restructuring

A client reached out to me, overwhelmed by a major change their company was about to announce. This scenario might sound all too familiar:

The company experienced significant changes during the pandemic. Each employee shifted online and then (brace yourself) a corporate restructuring. Sound familiar?

New bosses, job titles, and reporting structures left lasting effects. These changes didn't just bring professional challenges; they introduced anxiety, stress, and even trauma for some. Fast forward to 2023: Another corporate restructuring is on the horizon, and guess what? They're reverting to the OLD structure.

That's when the call came: "Can you help?" Managers recognized that this news could be *retraumatizing* for their staff. Re-traumatization is like opening a half-healed wound – painful and unsettling.

So, how did I help them not just survive but thrive through this change?

  • Keynote: Align staff with shared language & understanding with a keynote on Psychological Safety.  

  • Refined Messaging: Coached leaders on crafting a clear script for the ‘Restructuring Announcement.’ No more complexity and scattered details – just concise and comprehensible language.

  •  Psychologically Safe Practices: We bid farewell to blaming and swearing in meetings. I stood by as a psychological first-aid responder, supporting leaders and staff through safer, more constructive meetings.

  • Personalized Coaching: Three months post-change, leaders engaged in one-on-one coaching and role-playing to solidify learning and become Trauma Informed.

  • Tailored Training for All Staff: Assessed needs and challenges, crafting training programs to address issues head-on including Red Cross Phycological Safety Training. 

  • Long-Term Support: Anticipating the journey ahead, we're committed to providing customized training for the next 1-2 years based on evolving needs.

Navigating change can feel overwhelming. That's where external support comes in to help implement the science and psychology of change management. If you find yourself resonating with this experience, lets have a low key conversation and see how I can help. 

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